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Wednesday Briefs: Denied Chapter One

Hey everyone! It's time for a new flash story! This one is titled "Denied" and it's based off the 300 word flash fiction story First Contact. This week's prompt is: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

I endured years of experiments at the hands of sadistic aliens. Barely eighteen, I've been rescued from the tiny cell and the years of enforced sensory deprivation. Lost, with no family or friends I can remember or would turn to if I could, I'm alone in the universe... except for the humans who saved me. The Captain. Zeke. Doc. A crew of misfit Rangers, a ragtag bunch operating just this side of legal--and often on the other side when circumstances are right--are not the kind to help someone “like me” recover. Captain wants to send me away, but I can't leave. No one else can touch me.

He's it for me, the strength I can't function without.

Chapter One:

The wall burst open. I trembled, retreating to my corner.


I huddled into a ball. Men! Where did they come from? Earth was so far away.

“We found another, Zeke.” One crouched down, creeping closer. Another man came in, and I cringed. They were too close. “What’s his file say?”

The new one looked at the square device my captors always carried. “Deprivation for sexual reprogramming.”  

“Sadistic bastards. How long?”

“Seven years, Captain.” The men both cursed and stared. I wanted them to stop looking at me like that. “He’s barely eighteen. He was just a kid—still is.”

“You speak? Can you understand me?” The one called Captain was so close I could smell him. Spicy, with a whiff of the first scent other than mine I could remember smelling in a long time. I think that’s why I woke up screaming. It’d been so long. The aliens had no scent, and they never came into my room.

No touching.

“I won’t hurt you. Understand?”

I shook my head, sure the green ones were testing me again.

“Sure you do. We’ll get you out of here.” Captain reached out slowly.

“No,” I whimpered. I’d never be free, could never be among humans again. They’d told me, over and over. Even if I wanted to—

“Just grab him,” Zeke said.

“After what they’ve done? No. He has to decide, if he has any chance of recovery.”

Zeke frowned, taking another step down the corridor. “Don’t got all day, Captain. Reinforcements are coming.”

“Keep looking. I’ll stay here.” Alone now, Captain smiled at me, his blue eyes holding a warmth I’d nearly forgotten.

I gasped. The years, and the punishments, had turned most of my memory into a haze, but I remembered smiles. And hugs—before they gave me away. Before I’d been turned into an experiment.

“You’re safe.” Captain’s hand ghosted above my arm, so close. So warm. I gasped. The never-ending need, forced down so deep, overflowed. Unable to stop myself, I launched forward, huddling into Captain’s gentle arms.

I shivered, my heart racing. “Out. Please.” If this was another test, I’d already failed. And I would never be able to walk out of my cell on my own, but maybe, if he took me, I could do it. For just a little while before the aliens stuffed me back in and punished me for this luxury of touch.

Captain’s clothes were smooth, his hands warm. The warmth exacerbated the itching and pain from my suit, but I didn’t care. I tucked my face against him, the only area not covered by the infernal garment the aliens had stuffed me into back on the fateful day.

He stood, and Captain grunted. “You’re tall, but you don’t weigh a thing.” His voice was rich with… something. Just hearing Standard was foreign, but I couldn’t tell anything from his voice, other than it was different from when he’d first talked to me. Had I done something wrong?

Of course I had. I’d touched him. I started to squirm, to get down, to dart back into my cell, but he tightened his arms around me. “Stop!”

I froze, shuddering as the thousand pinpricks sent a wave of pain through my body, especially where his arms were banded across my back and under my legs.

“That’s better. I don’t want to drop you.” Captain was walking away down a featureless corridor, doors like the one to my cell passing at regular intervals. They were open. “Just be patient until we get to my ship and medical can take a look at you.”

More humans?

In moments, we’d left the corridor and the space opened up. It was bigger than anything I could remember being in before, and that scared me. My stomach roiled, and I fought down the urge to vomit. I whimpered, low, broken.

“Shh, it’s okay. Almost there.”

Captain didn’t hesitate, walking right toward an opening… into nothing? I shrieked when the darkness closed over us, the material under my grasping hands hardening as I fought. I hated the darkness, long periods of no light, nothing but the sound of my own breathing. Why was he doing this to me? Was this my punishment?

“Hey. Hey! Stop.”

Too late.

I fell and hit the ground, hard, crying out again. I huddled there, unable to even see my hand. My breath sped up, faster and faster. I groped at the floor, looking for the wall, a corner, somewhere I could huddle safely.

“Hey.” A light, a beacon practically painful in its intensity compared to the dark, appeared. Captain’s face was in it. “I’m right here. It’s just a transporter capsule. We’ll be on my ship in a moment.”

I had no idea what he was talking about. Captain sighed. “Just stay still.” He crouched next to me and then did something. Warmth suffused my body, and then the darkness was gone. The white walls were gone.

The room was brightly colored, full of objects I thought I remembered. A bed. A chair. Captain stopped touching me, but he waved his hand toward what I hoped was a bed. “I want you to lie down there. Do you need help?”

I crouched, creeping along the floor with its soft coverings. “No.” I crawled onto the bed.

Captain did something, and a tone echoed through the room a minute later. He walked over to one wall, and a door slid open. Another human stood there.

“I’m flooded with patients you’ve released that need medical care. Why did you call me down here?”

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I have another one for you. I thought it best not to take him to medical, after where he’s been for the last seven years.”

The other human’s mouth fell open. “Seven… years?”

Captain nodded, his mouth white. I didn’t like the way his face scrunched up or the way the other one stared at me. I buried my face against the bed.


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Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter Forty

No prompt this week, but enjoy the chapter anyway! 

I braced both arms on the shower walls and looked down. Steam filled the shower stall, and Ritch was behind me. He’d scrubbed my front and then my back, and now he was plastered against me, his hands rubbing soapy bubbles up and down my abs… and lower.

My plan had been to come inside and apologize, maybe sleep on the couch if Ritch was really mad. I’d screwed up, big time, but my mate was forgiving.

Ritch curled his hand around my length, and I gasped, my hips punching forward.

Very forgiving.

“That’s right. I’ll give you what you need.” Ritch rubbed his cheek against the back of my shoulder. He squeezed the head of my cock when I pushed my ass back, his shaft sliding up my crack. I loved it, grinding into him, but then I had to thrust forward.

I couldn’t figure out which way I liked better, and it was a struggle to not go crazy with Ritch moaning against my shoulder, his hand caressing my length while he moved counter to me, rubbing his cock along my crack. My leg was still healing, and I knew he would stop me if he thought I was overdoing it.

Not that I could feel any pain in my leg. The pleasure tightened my balls, pulling them up tight to my body, and the ache in my groin grew. My need to come began to eclipse everything, and I panted. The wet heat of the shower raining down on us and the musky scent of my mate sent me into orbit.

White streams of come shot from the tip of my cock to coat the tiles and my mate’s hand. Sometime during the eternity of seconds my balls turned inside out, Ritch came, his hand tightening spasmodically as he wrung every last drop from me while painting me with his scent.

Claiming me. “Oh God, I love you,” I groaned.

Ritch kissed my shoulder, his sharp pants blowing across my neck. “Love you too.”

I wished we weren’t in the shower so the combined smell of our seed wouldn’t be washed away. I loved the blend of his bitter spend with the blissful feelings of pure relaxation and happiness saturating our bond.

“We should get you in bed.” Ritch moved before I was ready, but as he rinsed us off and cleaned the shower tiles, the ache in my body from two days of running from my demons grabbed my attention.

Okay, so maybe bed wasn’t that bad of an idea. I yawned, exhaustion swamping me. I swayed.

“Whoa, big guy. Bed.”

“Yeah, okay.” I helped him as best I could, but on the heels of that orgasm, I was dead on my feet. As soon as the back of my knees hit the bed, I collapsed backward. It was almost too much effort to squirm around and get my head up to the pillows, but Ritch kept prodding me until I did.

He covered me with the blanket. “I’ll be right back. You go to sleep.”

There was no arguing with my mate. I closed my burning eyes, the relief almost instantaneous as sleep dropped over me.

“You need to let it go, Park,” Deke said. “We’ve done our job.”

“How? Those bastards took nearly everything from me. Kraig, my dad, my mom, my mate… I want to dig through the rubble of that lab and kill Trein all over again. These werekin were experimenting on their own kind and used that on humans to turn them into feral beasts. I don’t know how it could possibly be so simple that we’ve cut off the head of this. There has to be more.”

“And there probably is. But this goes far beyond just a few clans in this area.” Deke stood and pushed his desk chair back. He walked over to the office doors and double checked they were closed firmly. “Evidence has been found about another lab, one focused on the human werekin. But there are several different locations it could be. However, they’re far beyond our borders. Kraig didn’t know just how far he’d been taken because he’d been drugged so much.”

“But his souls came from Ritch’s cousin and his mate.”

“Yes. There is a network, one we’re not sure the extent of. As the alpha, I’m going to have to test each and every member of our streak. Other alphas are doing the same. That is our job, to ferret out any other conspirators while others find the lab and shut it down.”

I leaned back in my chair, running a hand through my mane. “Do you really think there’s someone else who turned traitor?”

Deke shook his head once, slowly. “And I hate to accuse people without evidence, but this is too important. I will use my influence as the alpha of this streak to ensure the safety of all the members. And I need your help. While we may be safe now, there’s no telling what might shake up in the future.”

I sat up again, leaning forward. “You think they might come here?”

“That’s just it. I have no idea what is going to happen. But things are changing—they have to. No one can look at the fallout from mistreating human werekin, as if they were less than us, just because they don’t have an animal soul. Our society must change.”

“Seems like life’s been nothing much changes lately,” I said ruefully.

“True. We’re both mated before we’re even twenty-five, the alpha and beta of this streak. Who would’ve imagined it?”

I snorted. “Not our parents.”

“No, probably not. I like we’re doing them proud, though. We’re going to make a great life for our mates and keep our clan safe.”

I nodded once. “We are.” I stood and held out my hand. “You and me.”

Deke grabbed my hand. “And Kraig and Ritch. Who have totally been listening on the other side of the door.” Deke snickered.


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Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter Thirty-nine

This week's prompt is: Don't toy with my heart. Enjoy!!

The hug was constricting and tighter than I ever expected to be squeezed by a human werekin. It was actually hard to breathe for a moment before Ritch let go. He looked me straight in the eyes, a tear streaking down his cheek. He sniffled and worked his jaw.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

His mouth slowly dropped open, and then he snapped it shut. Ritch’s eyes narrowed. “Okay? My new mate left me for two days.” He smacked me on the shoulder, then held on and squeezed. “You left. I had no idea where you were. All I could feel was how much pain you were in. It hurt me, so much.” His voice hitched. “I couldn’t help you. You didn’t let me help you.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” I said softly. “Would it help if I said I wasn’t used to having a mate?”

Ritch scowled. “No. I’m not joking, Park. You scared the hell out of me. I thought… I thought you might not come back. The alpha said you would, but….”

I buried my muzzle against his neck, unable to take the guilt along with the pain. “God, Ritch. I just, I couldn’t handle it. What you said, it hit me like a nuke. I lost everything. I got my brother back, and then you came along. You’re the mate I’ve always been waiting for, but I can’t control anything. I couldn’t stop my brother’s kidnapping, or my mother’s death. I never even noticed my father turning into a traitor to his own family.

“As beta, I’m supposed to protect the streak. I supposed to be the one who everyone goes to when they need help. But I’m worse than useless, because they don’t know that they can’t depend on me until it’s too late. Like it was too late for her.” My mom. I’d seen it in her expression, the death she knew was coming. “What if the look in her eyes wasn’t knowledge of her fate and peace meeting it? What if it was confidence that I would save her from it?”

My eyes burned, and I lost the battle with the tears threatening to fall. My saving grace was the way Ritch let me keep my muzzle tucked against his neck, hiding my face. He softly stroked my mane and held me as I shuddered, my arms wrapped tight around his chest to hold him close.

“You didn’t fail her or your brother. Sometimes we can’t protect ourselves, much less those around us. Not when we’re betrayed. And no one saw what your father had become, if what I’ve heard is true. You’re a great beta; I’ve seen you with the others in the streak. They all look up to you, even if you’re younger than most of the adults in the streak. That’s because you are strong, and smart, and your steady determination comes through in everything you do. Look at what you did for me!”

I wordlessly shook my head, denying his words, unable to speak past the lump lodged in my throat.

“Yes. When I came here, I was afraid of my own shadow. You could’ve pushed me off on someone else, or in guest housing, but you brought me here. You taught me to value my contributions as a human werekin. You never looked down on me; you let me help you. Just a few weeks ago, I could barely stand to be touched. Look at me now—I’m mated to you. I can’t stop touching you.”

“That’s because I was selfish,” I said. “I knew from the first time I scented you that I wanted you for my mate. I had to keep you close.”

“You chose to. You made sure I knew that I could have objected at any time. And you didn’t take advantage of me or push before I was ready. You don’t toy with my heart.” Ritch tugged on the strands of hair he’d wound between his fingers until I lifted my head up. “If I’d known I’d expose this well of guilt, I would have been more careful about what I said. You aren’t perfect, no one is, and all that matters is that you do your very best every day for the people you care about.”

I heard the words, but how could I believe him? That my mistakes could be forgiven so easily? I took a deep breath and let it out as I shook my head.

“You may not think you deserve the same compassion as everyone else, but you’re only a man. A strong one, who cares about those around him, but a man nonetheless. No one can save everyone. One day you’ll learn you don’t need us to forgive you because you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I left you.”

He made a face. “Okay, yes, that was wrong. We’re mates, partners. You need to come to me when you feel like you’re going to panic. But you didn’t mean to run from me. Being mates is new to you too. So you didn’t do something that was wrong… just not right.”

“Why did you have a gun?” I finally asked the question I should have lead with.

“Oh.” Kraig blinked then looked down at the table. He frowned. “Where—”

“I moved it. Did Deke learn something new from the alphas?”

“No.” Ritch shook his head. “It made me feel better, even if I know I’d never need it here.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t feel safe in our home. Is that why you were sleeping down here, so you could hear if someone came in?” Not that he’d woken up when I came in the house.

“No. I set the alarm like you showed me. The bed was just… too big.” He yawned.

“Let me take you to bed.”

Ritch’s eyes widened, and he sniffed. “I think you need a shower first.”

“Oh. I didn’t mean….”

“No, but I do. After you get clean.”


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Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter Thirty-eight

There's no prompt this week but I hope you'll enjoy the chapter anyway!!

“Oh! and we’re mates now. Really? That’s how you tell us?” Kraig smacked my arm. “I can’t believe you! Poor Ritch, marrying an idiot like you.”

“Hey!” I pushed him away, ignoring Deke’s rumble of warning. I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t hurt him. And you’ve seen us roughhouse harder than that, hell, you even got in on it.”

“That was before.”

“Before he got his own fangs and claws. Pretty sure Kraig can take care of himself.”

Deke raised one eyebrow. “Okay. How about we see if Ritch wants to tussle?”

The rising timber of my growl startled even me, and I was glad Ritch was in the bathroom. “No one touches him.”

“Exactly.” Deke leaned back, satisfied with himself.

“Well then tell him to stop harassing me.”

Ritch stopped at the end of the hallway. His mouth was open slightly and he tilted his head. “Did you just whine?”

“Like a big ole baby.” Kraig sauntered over to the chair and sank down on Deke’s lap, snugging in.

“Oh shut up.” I held out my hand for Ritch. “My brother was tormenting me, and Deke won’t let me make him stop.”

“And what is he doing?”

I rubbed my hand up and down the outside of Ritch’s arm after he sat down next to me. “Teasing me about how I told them we had become mates.”

“Ahh. Well, when you have a habit of putting your foot in your mouth, then you have to expect some teasing,” Ritch said dryly.

“Oh shit, he’s got you.” Deke started laughing, and Kraig actually giggled.

I bared my fangs but didn’t say anything because Ritch looked so proud of himself. Eventually they got tired of insulting me and the topic moved on to the incident that had prompted my territorial instincts.

“There have been no reports of anyone near our borders,” Deke said. “I think it was just a coincidence. Specialized investigators from the lead alpha council have been combing through the materials recovered from Trein’s territory. It appears the doctor was working alone when he traveled through different territories, collecting samples and testing once Kraig was supposed to be reject from the experiments.”

Kraig shuddered, and Deke curled his arms around him and pulled him closer.

“What about the humans? There were a lot of ferals with him, turned humans. They can’t all have gone missing unnoticed.” I shuddered, remembering that room full of slavering ferals, knowing how they ripped apart my mom apart.

“There are a lot of human homeless,” Ritch countered. “Bonded werekin tend to stay away from urban human areas. Alphas and betas are aware of every single member living in their territory. That’s now how humans work.”

“So it’s entirely possible the human government wasn’t involved,” Deke concluded.

“I think that’s shortsighted. It has to be more. This can’t all just be over.”

Ritch turned on the couch to face me. “Why not? There’s no one left to fight. I’m safe. Kraig is safe.” He looked down and took a deep breath. “I think you’re looking for danger and someone left to be the enemy so you don’t have to face what you lost. It’s over, and you need to face that there’s no one left to punish for your mom’s death.”

His words hit me like blows, and I couldn’t hide my flinch. An immediate denial sprang to my lips, but then he put his hand on my arm and I couldn’t deny it. But I couldn’t admit it either, especially with Deke and Kraig looking at me like that. Like I was broken. Pitiful.

I jerked up and bolted from the room.

“Park!” Ritch called.

“No. Let him go.”

Deke’s command was the last thing I heard before I took off. At the edge of the woods I tore off my shoes. I needed to run, to feel the earth beneath my feet.

The habit of years took over, and I headed for the perimeter.

Two days later, I crept up on my porch. I could feel Ritch’s distress and sadness, but I couldn’t process it. His words had unlocked a swirling maelstrom inside that consumed me. It hurt, a physical ache in my stomach that made me sick. Added to the emotional burden, and I had gone slightly feral; it was the only way I could handle it.

The sun had fallen behind the trees, and twilight created long shadows. There was a lone light on in the living room, and it flickered—the TV. I peered in the window. Ritch was curled up on the couch, the blanket off my bed wrapped around him.

A gun sat starkly on the coffee table, the matte black glinting dully in the blue light.

Why did he have that? I nearly barreled through the front door, but I stopped with my hand on the doorknob. He had a gun in arm’s reach. The last thing I wanted to do was startle him. I eased the door open and winced when the alarm beeped. I rushed over to the alarm to shut it off, glad my feet were bare so I could move silently.

I stalked over to the couch, but when I peeked over the back, Ritch was asleep. I took the gun and moved it to the kitchen counter. Then I sat down on the table facing him.

“Ritch?” I rubbed his shoulder. “Ritch, wake up.”

He stirred. “Park?” he asked sleepily.

“It’s me. I’m back.”

He blinked slowly, a line folded between his eyebrows as he frowned. Then his eyes flared open wide. “Park!” He bolted off the couch and into my arms. “You’re home.” His chest heaved as he shuddered. “You’re home.” 


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Andrew Q. Gordon's Champion of the Gods FREE book!

It is my pleasure to feature one of my favorite fantasy series written by an awesome author and all around great guy, Andrew Q. Gordon!

First, I want to thank Cia for hosting me today. I appreciate being able to speak to her fans and readers. For those who haven’t met me yet, I write epic fantasy. My current series – Champion of the Gods – is a five book epic fantasy work. Books One through Four are already available and Book Five is almost finished.


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I hope you’ll check out the series, sign up for my newsletter and claim your free gifts.   Enjoy The Journey!   Andrew Q. Gordon



“Your spell has been breached, Wizard!” The force of her voice nearly broke his concentration. Nerti lurched forward, not waiting for him to respond. “Activate the shadows now.”

Balls of green wizard’s fire erupted toward the closing enemies as he aimed his staff at the charging creatures. The force of impact sent a shower of flesh, blood, and armor flying backward.

Roused to the alert, the rest of Meglar’s army scurried in all directions. Unable to locate the source of the attack, the mindless creatures hacked at anything that moved, including each other. Human handlers struggled to maintain order while Farrell continued his attack. The more chaos, the better.

Releasing the invisibility spell, Farrell placed the short staff against Nerti’s back. Five red energy shadows sprang up and surrounded them in a wedge of magical protection.

Despite the added drag of their new shield, Nerti increased her speed. She galloped directly for the gap into the valley where the bulk of Meglar’s forces had assembled.

Charging into the teeth of the enemy, he and Nerti became the focus of dozens of Chamdon attacks. Their outer protection melted swords, burned clothing, and charred the flesh of those it encountered. The first magical assault didn’t come until they reached the mouth of the gap. Farrell’s protection swept these attacks aside as Nerti continued to run full-out.

Bearing down, the pair and their escort cleaved a path as they made for the entrance to Northhelm. When they broke through the ranks of what Farrell assumed to be the rear guard, he detected a shield wall directly ahead.

“Wizard, I sense magic ahead.”

“I’m on it, Nerti.” He placed his staff on his back and the rain of wizard’s fire ceased. He dug into his endless pockets and withdrew a small leather pouch. Swiftly he emptied the contents, a fine gray powder, into his left hand. Cupping the powder, he moved his hand as far right as he could before sweeping it right to left, palm upraised. The powder flew forward, creating a fog-like appearance and outpacing Nerti’s rapid gallop.

Several hundred yards ahead, the fine grains of gray dust swirled upward and blanketed the wall of energy. Behind the shield, two black-robed men stood still, chanting furiously.

“Amateurs,” he muttered. “Nerti, make for the center of the mist. I’ll have it down in a moment.”

At the edge of his mind, he detected something from his companion.

“Wizard, with all the noise, stop using your mouth and speak into my mind.” Her curt tone felt like his master scolding him.

“Sorry…. Sorry, I forget you can hear me.” Slightly embarrassed, he returned his focus to the fight.

The swirling dust coagulated around several bright points dotted randomly in the wall. The spots grew in intensity and size as Nerti drew closer. “Wizard, you need to do something before we collide with their shield.”

“Just make for the wall. I know what I’m doing.” Even mentally, his words came out in a hiss as he focused on his spell.

Nerti dipped her horn, as did the five red energy copies, preparing for impact. Farrell whipped his staff around, aiming it at the wall.

Chanting faster, his adversaries looked panicked as the red wedge rushed toward them. Just before Nerti struck the wall, Farrell let out a yell as the tip of his staff pulsed white.

Like thin ice, the wall shattered. Pieces of brittle shield fell from the sky for hundreds of yards on either side. Two of the bright dots that’d gorged on the energy from the shield wall zoomed forward, striking the dazed wizards. The pair flew backward thirty feet. Farrell sent the other balls whizzing toward dense clusters of Chamdon converging on him and Nerti.

Nerti ran past the smoldering corpses. “Well done, young one.” The voice held more than a hint of approval.


About Andrew:

AQGLogo Full Size    Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting with technology, he now takes his MacBook somewhere quiet when he wants to write. Since devouring The Lord of the Rings as a preteen, he has been a fan of all things fantastical. His imagination has helped him create works of high fantasy, paranormal thrills and touch of the futuristic. He also writes the occasional contemporary story. He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his husband of twenty-two years. Together they are raising their pre-school age daughter and three dogs. Andrew tries to squeeze writing time in around his most important jobs, being husband and ‘Papa.’ Along with teaching how to kick a soccer ball or ride a scooter, he has become fluent in cartoon characters and children’s books. To find out more about Andrew, his writing and his family, follow him on his website or on Facebook. You can also sign up for his monthly newsletter and get an exclusive short story only available to subscribers. Use the link below to join:

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From DSP Publications: The Last Grand Master: (Champion of the Gods–Book 1) The Eye and the Arm: (Champion of the GodsBook 2) Kings of Lore and Legend: (Champion of the GodsBook 3) Child of Night and Day (Champion of the Gods—Book: 4) Purpose:   Self published: Ashes of Life